Time-Tested Values
The Bareman Family has been in the dairy business since 1898. That’s when Grandfather Bareman brought his traditional dairy skills from the Netherlands to the village of Holland on the shore of Lake Michigan. In Michigan, Grandfather Bareman continued his “old country” commitment to quality that has helped us grow to what we are today. With 300 employees, over 100 trucks and over $100 million in annual sales, the Bareman Family remains dedicated, after all of these years, to these time-tested values.

Made in Michigan
Though the dairy industry has changed over the last century from the small family farm; milk is still purchased from local farmers and processed in Holland each day. This “local dairy community” is vital to our traditional values of providing our customers with products that are as fresh as possible, while also supporting our local farmers. These farmers provide us fresh raw milk daily and we process it at our facility which is designed to efficiently produce the highest quality dairy products. All raw milk and finished products are tested in our on site laboratory by expert technicians to make sure they meet the highest standards.

Full Line of Dairy Products
Bareman’s produces a wide range of dairy products from whole to Fat Free Milk and Flavored Milks, juice, lemonade and tea. We also offer a wide variety of creams, cultured products and a full selection of ice cream products.

Bareman’s owns and operate a fleet of clean, refrigerated tractor/trailers and straight trucks which transport and distribute Bareman Products throughout the Great Lakes Region. Our products are the choice of thousands of customers throughout the grocery, convenience store, school, health care and food service industries.